Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Food and Art

Today I was teaching food to the students at Vantan college - a subject that everyone loves!

It suprised me how many students want to open Ramen noodle shops, I don't really like ramen noodles myself - it only tastes good to me when I'm drunk. So, quite often then....

I also went to an art exhibition in Harajuku today. It was by the artist David Flores, and you can see one of his paintings above. I thought it was really cool the way he took a photo, and changed it into a 3-dimensional 'crystal' image. Reminded me of the American comics I read when I was younger. Check it out if you have time, it's in the X-Large shop.


At 9:06 pm, Blogger damian-rev said...

Matt, I think it is very interesting that every culture has a food that they mostly eat when they get drunk- Ramen in Japan, a kebab or an Indian takeaway in England. I wonder what they eat in other countries. What do drunk Thai men or chinese people eat? An English takeaway maybe?


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